Welcome to miniutils’s documentation!

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This module provides numerous helper utilities for Python3.X code to add functionality with minimal code footprint. It has tools for the following tasks:

  • Progress bars on serial loops and parallel mappings (leveraging the excellent tqdm library)
  • Simple lazy-compute and caching of class properties, including dependency chaining
  • Executing Python2 code from within a Python3 program
  • More intuitive contract decorator (leveraging pycontracts)


As usual, you can install the latest code version directly from Github:

pip install git+https://github.com/scnerd/miniutils

Or you can pip install the latest release from PyPi:

pip install miniutils


To get started, you can import your desired utilities directly from miniutils. For example, to use the CachedProperty decorator:

from miniutils import CachedProperty

class MyClass:
   def attribute(self):
      return some_slow_computation(self)

Or to use the progress bar utilities:

from miniutils import progbar, parallel_progbar

def mapper(x):
   return x**2

assert [mapper(i) for i in progbar(100)] == parallel_progbar(mapper, range(100))

To see documentation for each feature, look through this documentation or the table of contents above.

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